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Protect Yourself In The Heat

For all of our farm workers, landscapers and outdoor workers, protect yourselves during this heat wave. The symptoms of heat illness include: • Headaches •

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Health Insurance
Hola! Soy Suzanne Smaltz

Le presento la Suzanne Smaltz. ???? Además de su papel como un agente de seguros con licencia por 10 años, ella habla español. Ella trabaja

Where Does Your Health Care Dollar Go?
Health Insurance
Where Does Your Health Care Dollar Go?

Your premium – how much you pay for your health insurance coverage each month – helps cover the costs of the medications and care you

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Life Insurance
The 5 Myths of Life Insurance

1 – “You shouldn’t buy life insurance for your grandchildren.” Actually, it’s a smart idea and you should! Some people may believe that buying life

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Supplemental Insurance
What is an Accident Policy? Do I Need One?

Do you know when the next accident will happen in your family’s life? It’s hard to plan foraccidents or inconveniences in life. Sometimes we get