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We provide Ohio health insurance through Health Markets that is affordable, easy to understand and with a licensed agent like Suzanne, you're in great hands.


Suzanne Smaltz

I am proud to be an agent for HealthMarkets in Northeast Ohio. I love meeting with my clients personally to help them reach their retirement goals.

From health to supplemental, disability and life insurance, a retirement portfolio includes protecting that hard-earned retirement income from the financial hardships associated with serious injuries and illnesses.

Health Insurance

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Insurance Guru

I work with nationally recognized insurance companies to give you the quality, affordable insurance you’re looking for. I promise never to spam you or sell your information. Best of all, my assistance is at no cost to you.

Choosing a Plan

Choosing insurance plans can be difficult. That’s why I make it easy. I’ll make the calls, compare the plans and prices, and find you the insurance plan that fits your needs. Best of all, my help is at no cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance agrees to help share the cost of your services. It helps protect you financially so that you don’t have to pay 100% of the cost for care.

What is a Deductible?

The amount you have to pay before the insurance company will start to pay. 

When can I get a Vision Plan as my kids need new glasses for school?

You can buy a vision plan anytime during the year. It’s great because you don’t have to wait for open enrollment!

My child is going to college soon, do they have to get Health Insurance through their school?

Depending on the school, they might have a plan available if they aren’t on your health insurance.

Do you need Life Insurance?

Everyone’s needs are unique, of course. As an experienced HealthMarkets licensed insurance agent, I can help you narrow your options and determine what type of life policy would most fit your needs.

What is an Accident Policy and Do I Need One?

When you get injured out on the pickle ball court, or your child gets hurt playing soccer, your health insurance pays the doctors, hospitals and urgent care facilities. The accident supplement policy pays YOU when something happens. It fills in the gaps that health insurance doesn’t pay for - mortgage payments, car payments, hiring a dog walker while you recover from a sprained ankle for example.

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