Protect Yourself In The Heat

For all of our farm workers, landscapers and outdoor workers, protect yourselves during this heat wave.
The symptoms of heat illness include:
• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Irritability
• Thirst
• Nausea
• Heavy sweating
• Weakness

• Elevated body temperature

If you have these symptoms, rest, move to the shade, drink a lot of water, and refresh yourself.

If you don’t treat these symptoms immediately, heat stroke can occur, which is more serious. The symptoms of heat stroke include:
• Hot skin
• Slurred speech
• Confusion/inability to think clearly
• Convulsions/seizures
• Collapsing
• Loss of consciousness/fainting

In case of heat stroke, call 911. It is a medical emergency. Move the victim to a shaded area and try to cool their body – loosen and remove heavy clothing. If they are conscious and able to drink, make sure that the person drinks cold fluids. Never give anything to drink to an unconscious person. Put cold, damp towels or ice packs over their body.

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