What is an Accident Policy? Do I Need One?

Do you know when the next accident will happen in your family’s life? It’s hard to plan for
accidents or inconveniences in life. Sometimes we get hurt and when you have an active family,
it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up in the ER or an Urgent Care due to an accident. It doesn’t
hurt to be prepared and to know that there is affordable insurance coverage that can fill in the

What is something like this called that fills in the gaps of coverage?

An Accident Supplement.

When you get injured out on the pickleball court, or your child gets hurt playing soccer, your health insurance pays the doctors, hospitals, and urgent care facilities. The accident supplement policy pays YOU when something happens. It fills in the gaps that health insurance doesn’t pay for – mortgage payments, car payments, hiring a dog walker while you recover from a sprained ankle for example. Accident policies tend to be very affordable, and there is no worry about the kind of health insurance you have – the accident plan pays you.

Give me a call to make sure you have the right amount of coverage, and together we’ll find the
best coverage for the least amount of money. Remember, there is no cost to meet with me.